About Our Organization

The Barrow Foundation was started by the father of our current operator, Eduardo Barrow. Originally, we were a group home in Stockton, California, when he saw that kids in other homes weren’t getting what they needed. He also wanted to work with the working poor to share the benefits they’re entitled to. We started out with an outreach program to help those who get lost in the system, and helped people to meet their needs. Over the past few years, we’ve begun changing our approach and working to manage food, scholarships, and a variety of other services we provide to our communities. Our community center is an excellent communication point and hub for the poor and homeless to find the resources they need. Since 1987, we’ve ensured that donations are efficiently allocated to help local families and individuals. With us, people have the opportunity to improve their situations. We also help provide unique experiences for families, and have sent poor children to Six Flags™ for a stress-free day. Despite this, we’re focused on providing for basic needs, but everyone deserves a vacation every now and then. Contact us to learn more about the services provided at our community center.